Our Food Philosophy

Anastasia has been working in the hospitality industry for most of her working life. Over the decades she has developed a Food Philosophy that allows all people to eat together no matter their requirements or restrictions.

Dancing Waters Café is a place where vegans and carnivores, vegetarians and celiac’s, dairy free and lactose intolerants can each find something yummy on the menu to suit them.

We have hearty nachos, seasonal soups and salads, wraps with chicken, beef or neither, if that’s what you need. We can make hot drinks with Almond milk, Coconut milk, Soy and even cows milk! We get that sometimes it would be nice to be able to cater for everyone at your table no matter what they eat or drink.

If you are into freshly made food that takes time to make, seasonal food that focus’ on hearty nutritional soups in the winter and light refreshing salads in the summer – then we are your café of choice in Springbrook.

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Everyone needs a sweet treat and at Dancing Waters Café we have gluten and dairy free muffins, celiac suitable apple and raspberry crumble, vegan cookies along with our world famous in Springbrook Carrot cake and our amazing upside down cakes – all can be served with cream, ice cream or soy ice cream!

Quality takes time to create so you might spend longer with us than at other cafés you’ve been to, but we do take a lot of pride in making everything from scratch when you order it and tailoring it to the way you order it.

Come and spend a bit of time on our deck basking in the sun, watching the Lorikeets and Rosellas looking for crumbs while you sip on a coffee right next door to the National Park.

20170811_152307.jpgSee you soon!